Week 9: Egocentric

"You've got no ego. And you need one!"

Not really the sort of thing that you hear every day of the week. But it was the recurring theme of week nine. I'm not sure that I'll ever quite fill those shoes but in an attempt to achieve what has been recommended, I have filed a request with Visa to sponsor financing one of these bad boys to get to the startline for Karapoti 2014. With a gold stripe rather than a blue one.

After all, it's important to have matching kit.

I've also been practising holding my bike as well. It's seems poise and pout are important factors too.

A little less like this...

...and a little more like this (but this isn't me)...

  As well as tensing my quads for those special podium moments (this isn't me either),

and fist pumping like a boss (this is me).

Clearly, it still needs some fine tuning and further development but I think it's a good start. Next on the Christmas list will be adoring fans, a large entourage and eye catching skinsuits (Mario's gold skinsuit concept...obviously, not me).

Then I'll definitely be there. The ego will have landed.

I guess the cool kids would call it swag. I'll need to start wearing my cap at a jaunty angle, don some baggy clothes* and get all down with my bad ass self.

*Unfortunately, my first attempt at baggy clothing was an epic fail with some fans...

But I do kinda like the swag thing. To represent yourself. That is kinda cool. Sometimes, it's easy to lose a bit of that.

Yesterday, was my first MTB ride on kiwi soil since the whole crazy BC Bike Race experience. I loved it. My route selection was a bit ad lib and it was only when I rolled across McGhie's Bridge that I realised the last time I was riding that piece of trail was five months before. In the sunshine. Racing my favourite bike race in the whole wide world. On a super fly race steed. Against a bunch of super cool mega talented chicks. Representing myself.

I'm a eyes-forward-look-ahead-to-the-next-thing sort of a person. But I must admit it was cool to reminisce about how awesome it felt to be lead dog (that should probably be dawg) on the way up the gorge and still at the front of the race on the way back to the finish line. I don't think I'll ever be able to ride down the gorge again without a wee smile. It was a special day on the bike.
I read a cool quote recently by an American 10 kilometre runner fella, "racing is a celebration of my training". That was one way to celebrate.
So, wherever you are riding this weekend do it with style, panache, bravado and swag. Remember the awesome rides. And races. Represent yourself. Just remember though, it takes a certain sort of swag to pull off baggy armwarmers.

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