Week 7: Dream Team

Down to the line. In the final hours before the clock ticks over to Week 6, I finally managed to sit down and get my blog on. It's been a busy time lately. More hours on the bike have led to a feeling of connectedness that I haven't reached before. And I don't mean only the contact points. Cranking out some big rides has provided blood, sweat and tears but most importantly heaps of good vibes. Even the more-regular-than-usual bike cleaning activity has been therapeutic, in some sort of Mr Miyagi inspired "dirt on, dirt off" way.

The last ten days have also provided plenty of opportunities for me to realise how many cool people there are out there providing encouragement and support along the way. Some experiences since my last post have been a little surreal to say the least.

Like having an Olympian arrive to save a damsel in distress (aka me) on a particularly stormy day on the South Coast, chuck a new wheel on the bike, then wish me luck as I finished off my training ride commenting that I was "keen" on a day like that. I owe you Robyn - it would have been a really long ride home on the rim and I suspect the wheel would have liked it even less than me.

Like horn toots and yelling from car windows while out riding representing encouragement rather than "get off the road". Thanks to all yous out there. Clearly, more time "on the road" provides more of those random opportunities for our paths to cross.

Like having a newly crowned National Champion share his excitement with his result and suggesting "rocking their socks off" in Canberra would be the most appropriate course of action. Go hard overseas in that fern adorned skinsuit, Alex! I will endeavour to rock socks off in almost only six weeks.

Like sharing some epic dirt rides with kiwi Marathon Worlds representative and enjoying the simple pleasures of pedalling, chatting about Life, the Universe and Everything, and making each other hurt just a little bit now and again on some uphilly bits. The answer, Justin, is not 42 but 29. Twenty-niner big boy wheels. Go on, you know you want to.

The list could go on and on. But it's nearly bedtime.

When my head hits the pillow tonight, ready for some zzzz's ahead of a well deserved easy week, I'll be content in the knowledge that I'm super lucky to have the best support crew out there. Some (that's me) would call them the Dream Team. Today, Justin asked that I leave them to him in my will. I'll need to consider that matter carefully - unless, on one of our rides I may meet a Shakespearean sticky end. Slackboy and Cowbell Coach always have my back. It's cool that there appears to be a whole bunch of others that can be added to the supporters list. Amen, to that. Night, night.

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