Today, I had one of those lightbulb moments. You know...the ones that just pop into your head when you're cycling along and make you wonder how you never thought of it before. I've been sitting on my Karapoti prize money for 10 days thinking it should really go on something meaningful. After all, the whole journey to that point was pretty symbolic with a year's worth of (bordering on) obsessive visualisation and several uncomfortable training sessions, so burning it on something random didn't seem quite right. Plus, my racing bike is pretty much as blingtastic as possible. Not even I could think of any more bike porn for it (that is not a challenge, Mr Pincott).

Lightbulb moments (LOL)

Anyway, I digress. The lightbulb moment was that such hard earned cash - and let's face it there are easier ways of making money than trying to do it by winning bike races - should be recycled into someone else's ambition. No, I'm not about to attempt to launch a pro team for le Tour 2013 from the mighty Hutt Valley. Sorry. But I reckon something a little more close to home is quite possible. And, as there is no such thing as a free lunch (and I'm a tight arsed Pom), it's gonna have to be earned.

Step up two fellas who I think will be up for the challenge. Even though I haven't told them about it yet. This is me throwing down the gaunlet, Ryan Hunt and Angus Petrie. I will pay for your entry fee(s) for World 24 Hour Solo Championships 2013 in Canberra, subject to some conditions. Consider it a sporting wager. How very colonial.

I first met Ryan at Moonride last year. We were both racing solo 12 hours and the young whippersnapper was certainly determined. We raced lap for lap for hour after hour. Then did the same again a few months later at Day Night Thriller.

Being chased by Ryan Hunt (again) at Day Night Thriller

The young Endura rider has an awesome attitude (I certainly wasn't up for racing 12 hours solo at eighteen) and the sort of maturity when racing that I aspire to. So, Mr Hunt, in 5 weeks time if you finish 24 Hours of NDuro with at least as many laps under your belt as me, your WEMBO entry fee is in the bag.

Angus has a super interesting story ( having transformed himself from a self confessed 120 kilogram couch dweller to an ultra endurance mountain biker. In just three years.

Angus in action
(photo stolen shamelessley from

We are also both 1979 babies. Proving that thirties are the new twenties. Or that it's never too late to get into racing, whether it's for the first time or the third. So, Mr Petrie, if you finish on the podium at Moonride 24 Hour Solo then your WEMBO entry fee is on me.

Sharing the love. And the prize money. And the pain. None of us have ever raced a 24 hour solo, so at the very least it'll be entertaining for you to follow.

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