Direct Approach

Racing in Vegas is always huge amounts of fun. Well, actually... maybe not once.

My debut Rotorua racing experience was Whaka 100 in 2011. For those who don't know - the 100 bit stands for 100 kilometers. Or pretty much every trail the infamous Redwoods have to offer. That race kicked my ass.

I remember asking someone how far we had left to ride as I suffered up Direct Road (which, for the record, did not feel very direct at the time... I was imagining more of an "as the crow flies" route to the finish line at that stage). I was hoping for a number closer to my shoe size than my age, but was sadly disappointed by the response. I asked someone else thinking the first respondent must have got it wrong. He hadn't. I dragged my sorry ass along those last sections of the course, which seemed to take forever then (having collapsed theatrically after crossing the finish line) I was greeted by a smiling face standing over me who commented that "that was a pretty impressive effort with no structured training".

After 12 months of working with the smiley faced person, I went back to Vegas and sliced over 70 minutes off  my previous attempt at Whaka 100. I felt suitably smug climbing up Direct Road a year later. Even if the last 10 kilometers still hurt like hell.

Down to the line at Whaka 100 in 2012

So, in 2013, I was stoked to have the opportunity to race another marathon style event in the Redwoods with NDuro bringing the Highlander back on to the calendar. Split Endz is the bestest trail in the whole wide world so any excuse to do a race that includes that piece of mountain biking heaven is a must do in my book. Plus, the organisers had conjured up a European style marathon course with a couple of hike-a-bike sections to keep things interesting. Kinda like cyclocross. Even with a bit of rain.

Highlander 2013 - fastest chick, 13th overall

A totally awesome weekend of biking goodness ensued with pre race riding in the Redwoods after a spin from the airport, another sifty ride later in the day to get a two course pizza meal (the jury is still out on whether dessert pizza is right), three and a half hours of riding for the Highlander itself the next day, then a spin back to the airport to catch the next plane home. Unfortunately, the next plane home ended up being from Taupo. The following day. The result of rain following a period of drought. Macaroni cheese and wine made it all right again.

Cool wee vid of some fun riding the day before race day

So that's it for a wee while. Well, three weekends at least. I love racing week in week out but now's the time for a bit of hard graft before my first 24 hour solo. Time for no racing, but plenty of riding.

PS Huge congrats to Ryan Hunt who became the U23 National Marathon Champ on Sunday! He's taken up the challenge of my little bet for 24 NDuro. Watch this space!!

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