Getting Up To Speed

Wow! Almost four weeks and no blog. In fact, not too much of anything other than sleeping, working and eating since the NDuro 24. Oh, and stretching after a silly little butt muscle decided that 25 hours of constant pedalling constituted overuse. How rude. "Feels a little firm", said the nice physio man. "Why thank you", I said, until he pointed out that what he meant was that it was a little too firm and tried to wiggle my leg around to demonstrate just how little movement I had in it. I'm happy to report that while stretching is boring, it also works and I'm all fixed now (thanks Greg at Inform Physiotherapy).

This weekend is full of a heap of excitement with primo MTB racing action kicking off all over the globe. Having spent the last few weekends watching re-runs of the 2012 World Cup XCO Series, alongside lodging a request with my coach to make me pedal like Georgia Gould when I grow up, I am super excited about this season. The Vos-machine takes to the startline, which is sure to be an interesting match up to the Luna Powerhouse of Pendrel, Nash and Gould plus a whole heap of my other favourite heroines. There's also a stack of kiwis on the startline in Deutschland, a dozen in fact, providing plenty of home interest. Give it heaps lads and lasses.

XCO/CX legend, Ms Gould leading Windham World Cup

Elsewhere in Europe, Punta Ala to be precise (that's in Italy for the uninitiated), the first Enduro World Series gets underway. The startline looks like an amazing field of heavy hitters with a mix XC jey boys/girls and downhillers merging to no doubt provide some super interesting racing. Pretty cool to see the level of excitement that this whole discipline is generating which has got to be good for MTB racing as a whole. For now I'll stick to XCO...and XCM...and CX!
XC(O, XCM and CX) jey girl
Shamelessly squeezing in a photo of myself!

Meanwhile, back in the Hutt there's the return of Wainui 6 Hour Wurldz. I missed this race last year opting for cake and coffee the week after a 12 hour effort at Moonride the week prior. The year before I raced in a sweet mixed team with Dave Rowlands, Rob Kilvington and Chris Kendall. It's a super fun event and I'm stoked to be racing it this year. I might even convince this fella to let me borrow his bike for a lap. Just like he did last 'cross season.
Humpy's Pugsley
Photo stolen from Facebook

A bit further north, Angus Petrie takes on his first 24 hour solo race at Moonride. The forecast looks a tad damp (fittingly, since in many circles the event is dubbed Mudride) which will no doubt add to the character building nature of the day (and night). I speak from experience on that one. I hope he smashes it and forces me to fork out for his World 24 Hour Solo Champs entry as part of the deal. Believe, bro.
So, six hours of pedalling round and round here we come. It's my last MTB race on kiwi soil before heading to British Columbia in a few weeks. BC Bike Race - big woot!

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