Keep Momentum At All Times

"The aim is to keep momentum at all times"

Wise words indeed and my favourite excerpt from Simon Burney's cyclocross bible. Some time mid kiwi winter, when I was grappling with the concept of learning an entirely new way of ripping it up on dirt, I stumbled across that line. At the time, it struck me that it seemed like bloody good advice for life in general as well as its clear applicability to the topic of negotiating barriers with a modified road bike in hand.

Mid race levitation

Despite considering myself as someone who probably has an above average level of momentum in life, in the last 48 hours I have been forced to come to a complete standstill. It would appear that the cumulative effects of a particularly stressful period could not be overcome alone by caffeine and cycling. Dammit.

While it is a little premature for the customary time of reflection accompanied by a rendition of Auld Lang Syne, enforced rest gifted me an opportunity to contemplate the year gone by and the one ahead, as well as the chance to return to the blogosphere.

My highlight of 2012 had to be discovering the crazy sport of cyclocross. It was a learning experience that taught me a lot of valuable lessons, a handful of which included:
  • Do not imagine that the course you just rode round for a sifty warm-up is gonna be anything other than outrageously uncomfortable for 50 minutes once the gun goes,
  • Do not try to run while your bicycle is still attached to your left foot as you leap with poise and dynamism from your steed just before the barrier and,
  • Do not expect it to be warm and sunny in Blenheim.

Me after a particularly cold, wet National CX Series Finale in Blenheim!

Plus, I got to share the experience with a bunch of cool people. By share I actually mean exchange merciless banter, there really is a cool vibe on that race scene.

Discovering my inner 12 hour soloist at the 2012 editions of Moonride and Day Night Thriller was also pretty cool. Those events always provide a heady cocktail of "Why the hell am I doing this?" and "Let's do that again!" as soon as you recover, which for Day Night Thriller was some time after a rather large slice of cheesecake pre prize giving.

It ain't over til the lights go out...and even then it still ain't over.
Amusingly, when discussing the finer points of 12 hour racing on the road trip to Rotorua in May, I affirmed that there was absolutely no way that I would consider a 24 hour solo effort. Never ever.

Ironically, a certain World Championship event in Canberra is now scheduled as a highlight for 2013. Yes, it does involve pedalling for 24 hours. No, I've never ridden my bike for that long. No, I probably don't know entirely what I'm letting myself in for. Yes, I do intend to throw some stylish cross remounts into the mix... even if only in the first few minutes of the race after the Le Mans start.

So, ten months and counting. One thing is for sure, it'll involve a lot of cookies!

Em's Power Cookies yellow bikini relaunch 2012

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